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"I love going grocery shopping with my wife. My back pain goes away! I lean over the cart as I push it along, following her as she loads it up."

You may chuckle at this scenario, but it is a great example of self-treatment for a person with stenosis. Flexion relieves pain, and extension of the spine or walking downhill or stretching irritates your back if you have stenosis.


the narrowing of a spinal canal opening


In the normal disc, the spinal canal is wide. It offers plenty of space for the spinal cord and its exiting nerve. However, in a stenotic canal, the spinal canal opening is small and does not offer enough space for the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This causes pain. Stenosis can result from a congenital issue (you were born with a small canal) or a developmental issue (you are aging and the disc is shrinking and leaving less space for the cord and nerves).

Many people over 50 have stenosis but don't have any pain, but in those patients who do have pain, Cox Technic opens the canal space, drops intrasdiscal pressures and increases disc height to relieve pain.

Though stenosis is principally the same, its examination and treatment are unique for each part of the spine:

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Please read about your spinal stenosis, and contact Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers to help you control the pain and get some pain relief.