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Foot orthotics may be suggested to support your spine’s recovery and healing. Foot orthotics treat biomechanical conditions of the foot that may influence your spinal pain condition.
There are commercially-available, simple orthotics like insoles or cushioned heel cups. To be most effective though, custom-made devices for your specific foot or feet problem(s) are preferred.

Custom orthotics are made from an impression of your foot called a "cast" which reproduces any malformations of your foot structure. An orthotics laboratory then creates an orthotic that corrects or relieves your specific foot structure faults. 

 foot orthotic
Whichever type orthotic recommended for your condition – custom made or commercially available – you will notice a difference. It may take a little time, a couple hours or days, to get used to the new orthotic, but in the long-run, the foot orthotic helps you maintain your recovery.
Discuss with us any foot issues you notice and consider how foot orthotics may help you.