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March 06, 2012

So you are languishing with a pinched nerve? You want to learn more about it, of course. You . It's horrible to be in pain. Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers is with you, and our non-surgical chiropractic services just may be your resolution.

pinched nerve in the lower backPinched nerves are mesmerizing things, at least to your Baton Rouge chiropractor! They may result in back pain, neck pain, arm pain or leg pain…even groin pain! We know this, so don't worry. We're just a phone call away. For now, though, assess how these pinched nerves work.

First, after a nerve is pinched for 14 days, in a rat model, there is a development of white blood cells called macrophages along with pain-producing chemicals such as Substance P, that maintain pain and can actually cause the nerve to lose full function as a process called demyelination (loss of nerve lining) takes place. Such a change may lead to chronic pain and loss of nerve function, so we develop such problems as

  • weakness of muscles in the extremities
  • balance upset when we stand or walk
  • burning in the feet and legs (called neuropathy)
  • difficulty standing, sitting, bending, or lifting

Chronic or long-term compression of a nerve in the spine causes chemical changes in a nerve that causes pain. (2)

Second, the blood supply of the compressed, pinched nerves is impaired. (3) This may cause feelings of numbness, tingling, asleep sensation, or frank pain into the extremities.

Third, consider the possible pain types and locations caused by pinched nerves. One such place is groin pain. Yes, the nerves to the groin arise from the low back. Sometimes the major symptom that brings a Baton Rouge pinched nerve patient to our office may be groin pain which may arise from nerve compression in the low back. Such compression by a pinched nerve may be caused by disc degeneration and spinal stenosis (degeneration of the joints and discs in the low back), or disc herniation that cause nerve compression. (4)

un-pinched nerveSo, if you have groin pain, back pain, or neck pain, get relief at Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers. Such pain is a symptom that it's time for an examination by your Baton Rouge chiropractor to see if it is brought about by a pinched nerve.

You deserve relief, and our gentle, safe, proven chiropractic spinal manipulation may be the solution for you just as it has been for many other Baton Rouge patients. Read the references, then contact Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers today!