Baton Rouge Neck Pain Helped by Stretching

Everything has its place. Everything fills a need. In treating neck pain, stretching and spinal mobilization have their places in managing the relief of the pain, disability and range of motion dysfunction. They’re needed. Spine & Sports Rehab Center treats many Baton Rouge neck pain sufferers to restore their lost range of motion due to pain. Stretching is recently found to be especially beneficial and can be a helpful adjunct to the chiropractic treatment plan. 


Spine & Sports Rehab Center incorporates spinal manipulation and mobilization, nutrition, exercise, and research-recommended stretching in the overall treatment plan for neck pain be it non-specific mechanical neck pain or cervical spine radiculopathy. Spine & Sports Rehab Center uses The Cox® Technic System for Spinal Pain Management to address neck pain. [[A|In one]17] study, Cox® Technic protocols produced total resolution of the patient’s subjective pain due to a big C5-C6 disc herniation. (1) In a retrospective study of 39 cervical spine radiculopathy patients, Cox® flexion distraction produced pain reduction in 13.2 treatments (ranging from 6 to 37). (2) A newer paper states that for non-specific mechanical neck pain, the addition of stretching to the plan was more helpful at improving cervical spine motions of extension, right rotation and lateral flexion ranges of motion without affecting pain and disability. (3) That’s where spinal manipulation and mobilization come into play. They help relieve the pain and disability component. Including stretching and active cervical range of motion exercise is positive and has its place in addressing neck pain. A well-rounded treatment plan for neck pain relief is key! Another study further stated that neck stretching is one of the most effective physical therapy interventions.  Static and diagonal active stretching were successful at decreasing neck disability and increasing cervical spine range of motion. Additionally, cervical range of motion values significantly increased at 4 and 6 to 8 weeks [[post-after the ]59] study demonstrating positive long-term effects of stretching for neck pain, disability, and function. (4) Keeping up with the neck pain relief studies, Spine & Sports Rehab Center makes sure to share benefits of a variety of ways to decrease neck pain.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Sean Delahunt on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he discusses his use of Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction to ease neck and arm pain.

Set up your Baton Rouge chiropractic appointment now. Everyone has a spot at Spine & Sports Rehab Center, especially our Baton Rouge neck pain and back pain patients where everything has a role – treatment, exercise, nutrition, and stretching – in reducing neck pain. 

 Spine & Sports Rehab Center uses spinal manipulation, nutrition and exercise to improve neck pain, especially stretching.
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