Spine Articles

Clear Aligners for Teeth Affect Posture

Baton Rouge chiropractic care notices patients’ postures and now, with new a research report, looks for changed posture in those who wear clear aligners. 

Beneficial Chiropractic Care for Spine Pain

Your Baton Rouge chiropractor at Spine & Sports Rehab Center confidently cares for back pain for relief and is efficient at coordinating care with fellow healthcare providers.

Fear of the “Damaged Back”

Spine & Sports Rehab Center helps relieve the fear of back pain and the fear of moving while reducing the back pain itself. 

Chiropractic Care for C7/T1 Disc Herniations

The C8 disc usually refers pain down the arm and into the pinky finger. Spine & Sports Rehab Center knows it may cause other issues, too, which chiropractic can help.