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September 20, 2011

The "P" fruits - one has a bad wrap for its wrinkles and one is just not well-known. Well, let's remedy their reputations! The prune and the pomegranate deserve our attention, and Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers is happy to share some of their beneficial "anti" properties with you, our fellow Baton Rouge nutrition conscious residents.

So, is being "anti" so bad? Not at all when you're a fruit like the pomegranate and prune!
prunesFirst, the prune. Poor thing. It's shriveled up, dark, sticky and just seems a bit unnatural due to its dried transformation from its juicy plum beginnings. But try it. It's sweet... and nutritionally effective!

Usually thought of for its laxative effects in juice or dried fruit form, the prune provides so much more despite the more being "anti"! Anti-oxidative stress (which is good to avoid as it leads to cardiovascular disease) (1), anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-hyperglycemic (high blood sugar), anti-hyperlipidemic (high blood fats), anti-hypertensive (high blood pressure), anti-osteoporosis, and anti-constipation. Plus, it’s hepatoprotective (good for the liver) and contains dietary fibers, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. (2) What more could you want?!

The pomegranate! That's what you want! It's just an offbeat fruit to most of us. We know apples and oranges and melons (which, by the way, are all great, too). But the pomegranate is anti-proliferative, anti-invasive, anti-metastatic, anti-activation of inflammation, anti-cancer. For prostate cancer, the pomegranate's anti-cancer effects are the most impressive! It even encourages the death of bad cells so new, good cells can grow. (3) Trust us, all these "anti" properties are excellent in fighting disease like cancer.

Too many of us don't even know what a pomegranate looks like let alone how to eat one. (They certainly don't grow around Baton Rouge!) But trust us, it's a lovely fruit whose seeds, peel and juice are all terrific sources of nutrition! So just eat away! And the prune, just pick up a bag full of them the next time you're at the grocery.
Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers values your trust in our skills to help you with your musculoskeletal pain, back pain, neck pain. We know you want to be healthy, so we are here for your overall health and well-being, too. So read these articles on the "p" fruits. Pick up a bag of prunes or a pomegranate on your next trip to the grocery store. Then, tell Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers us how you like them!