Neuropathic Pain Relief with Baton Rouge Chiropractic

Nerve pain is neuropathy. Spine & Sports Rehab Center treats Baton Rouge neuropathy with Baton Rouge chiropractic care. Burning, stabbing, numb pain in the arms, hands, feet, leg, toes, fingers is neuropathic pain. Spine & Sports Rehab Center often sees neuropathy with Baton Rouge back pain and sciatica. Neuropathy is due to a multitude of possible issues like pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, or pressure from a herniated disc. Spine & Sports Rehab Center treats all of these conditions with gentle, non-surgical Cox Technic as one element of a Baton Rouge chiropractic treatment plan. If a nerve is compressed, neuropathy may result. Neuropathy may extend to the hands and feet depending on the nerve that is irritated. Neuropathy is painful. Neuropathy heals slowly. Spine & Sports Rehab Center may well assist its heal and relief.

Causes and Symptoms of Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a type of neuropathy Spine & Sports Rehab Center sees in Baton Rouge neck and back pain patients. Peripheral neuropathy results from damage to peripheral nerves. These nerves are part of the nervous system that sends data from your brain to your spinal cord (which is the central nervous system) and then out to the rest of the body. That’s how peripheral neuropathy may extend to your toes and fingers. It may be brought on by sudden trauma or injury or by repetitive stress due to compression type injuries from doing certain activities over and over that bother and inflame joints, tendons and muscles.  Peripheral neuropathy is often described by Baton Rouge chiropractic patients as a tingling sensation or sharp, stabbing pain or a numbness or a burning sensation in the hands or feet or as a clumsiness that has you dropping things all the time. (1) Whatever its sensation, peripheral neuropathy may be disruptive, may go away if the peripheral nervous system has a chance to heal itself after injury or the source of the peripheral neuropathy is identified and remedied, or may be assisted in healing. Spine & Sports Rehab Center comes in here to diagnose the source of the neuropathy and use Baton Rouge chiropractic care to address it and ease the irritated nerves. One article even shares that 28 days of compression causes disc degeneration while 28 days of decompression reverses it. (2) Spine & Sports Rehab Center utilizes Cox Technic to do this!

Healing Ability of Nerves in Neuropathy

Curiously, peripheral nerves have an amazing knack for regenerating themselves after injury. It does take time. One author explains that these nerves regenerate a millimeter a day (about an inch a month), so if the nerve that is damaged goes from your spine to your toes, that may take more time. (3) Researchers report that good but incomplete recovery occurs over 2 to 3 years for most patients with sciatic neuropathy (due to spinal nerve compression). Moderate improvement of the symptoms occurs in 30% of sciatic neuropathy patients by 1 year, 50% by 2 years and 75% by 3 years. (4) In a review of published evidence regarding neuropathic pain, researchers document that 37% of chronic low back pain (that lasting more than 3 months) cases and 41% of soft tissue syndromes (like ligament or muscle tears) have neuropathic pain. (5) These types of patients are ready for Baton Rouge chiropractic care at Spine & Sports Rehab Center

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