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Baton Rouge Back Pain and Stress Relief at Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers

September 26, 2017

Stress messes with lifestyle, sometimes in the hardly noticeable of ways. Stress may block a good night’s sleep. Stress may keep you from remembering things. Baton Rouge stress may provoke Baton Rouge back pain. Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers may contribute to the relief of stress-related Baton Rouge back pain by acknowledging its effect and leading Baton Rouge chiropractic patients to methods they can use to control their stress-induced Baton Rouge back pain.


Back pain research shows that stress upsets our lives at times. Baton Rouge back pain sufferers are not alone in this issue at Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers.  Adolescent kids in their teens already have low back pain that continues into their 20’s and beyond. It may be a significant problem for some and not much of one for others. Some will seek meds, not go to school/work, not share in activities; others don’t. Some predicting factors for poor reaction to low back pain include being female, poor mental health status, sports involvement, genetics, negative back pain thoughts, etc. (1) Young adults in their 20s report that stress is amid the factors associated with low back pain in young adults alongside marital status, spine pain history, arduous exercise, job satisfaction, monotony, more time spent studying, and a history of familial back pain. (2) Low back pain is the most common reason for disability for those under 45 years of age, vastly touching social and economic facets of life. (3) Stress may well be a cause in the worsening of low back pain. (4) Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers and its chiropractic care helps take the stress out of back pain.


Back pain and psychological distress tend to go together for Baton Rouge back pain sufferers. The link between spine pain and psychological stress is poorer in women by 7% - 11% of women and 4% of men. It goes both ways: spine pain is stressful, and stress triggers spine pain. (5) Job duties play a role in the stress Baton Rouge workers feel. Healthcare workers as a group are at higher risk of low back pain with 53% of them saying they have low back pain. Medical secretaries experience the highest rate of low back pain at 56.9%. Standing a lot, sitting a lot, working a lot of years in the field, using a computer a lot are some influencing factors in this group. (6) Eldercare workers who view stress as a part of their job experience more low back pain. (7)

BRING YOUR STRESS AND BACK PAIN TO Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers 

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