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About Baton Rouge Chiropractic and Baton Rouge Persistent Post Surgical Pain

You had excruciating back pain for so long…or all of the sudden. 

You wanted relief fast…in hopes that it would never affect you like that again.
You were told that the only solution for your pain was surgery…until after the surgery when, either immediately or some time after surgery, you found that your pain returned as bad or worse than before surgery.  

Well, what is past is past. It's time to see how to regain some quality of life with a degree of pain relief.

Surgery may hasten pain relief, but it does leave its mark on the integrity of the spine. Like a bruise on an apple, a surgery leaves its mark that won't go away. Pain may go away, but structures around the surgical site may become painful or the structures of the surgical site itself may become painful. A conservative approach like chiropractic flexion distraction and decompression may be a welcome option.


pain that persists or returns in the same or adjacent area following spine surgery (aka failed back surgical syndrome)


Surgery done for a cervical spine/neck condition, a thoracic spine/mid-back condition or a lumbar/low back condition may be as simple as removal of stray material in the spinal canal or spinal fusion of a couple vertebra or more advanced with the insertion of bolts and plates or disc replacement "cages". Whatever is done surgically will be worked around to attempt to relieve your existing pain conservatively, gently and safely.

Surgical intervention for back pain or spine pain often leaves the discs adjacent to the surgical area hypermobile (overly movable) and lead to degeneration or herniation. Since ramifications of surgery are different for each part of the spine, we present them separately:

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