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March 2024 Healthy News from Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers Spine Pain, Aging, Cognition, Ginseng

image of a brain for cognition influenced by balance that Baton Rouge chiropractic can help


 “Growing old isn’t for wimps!”

Aging presents its challenges from physical and functional issues like balance, motor control, coordination of sensory input, to cognitive function. A study done in India revealed that balance tests (think the tandem test) could predict risk of cognitive impairment. (1) Chiropractic Cox® Flexion Distraction has been demonstrated to increase balance! (11) Cognition, taken for granted by so many of us, is valuable and particularly missed when it deteriorates with ageing. Males experiencing both neck and back pain had lower cognitive scores leading researchers to suggest a potential link between spinal pain and later-in-life neurodegeneration. (2) Four chronic health conditions were reported to significantly increase the odds of spinal pain: cardiovascular 58%, hypertension 40%, diabetes 25%, obesity 34%. (3) Neck and back pain was listed as the leading cause of disability globally. Spine and treatment of its issues like neck pain and back pain are the core of the chiropractic healthcare profession which uses spinal manipulation shown to deter back and neck pain via spinal mechanisms and potentially via peripheral mechanisms that modulate inflammatory responses. (4) Spinal manipulation may influence not only inflammatory but also cortisol levels after treatment. (5) Your chiropractor encourages patients to prevent chronic health conditions and offers spinal manipulation to reduce spine-related pain.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. James Cox on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson  about use of The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management treatment protocols to take care of pain and inflammation.

Baton Rouge chiropractic nutrition tip: picture of red ginseng for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory pain

Baton Rouge CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Ginseng for Cortisol, Aging, And Inflammation

Ginseng, a well-liked herbal supplement of many varieties, contains ginsenosides documented to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, even anti-aging. (6, 7, 8) Aging is cellular, a slowing of cell division and an avoidance of apoptosis (cell death) which involves DNA damage. The anti-aging effect of ginseng via its components - saponins, polysaccharides, and active peptides – lies in its ability to lessen DNA damage and delay aging and its related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, and chronic inflammation. (8) Red Korean Ginseng (KRG) offers anti-stress treatment, reducing the stress response in neurotransmitters. (9) KRG addresses metabolic syndrome issues (high blood pressure, triglycerides, hyperglycemia, LDL, obesity, diabetes, etc.). (6) KRG stifles inflammation-related genes in kidney, lung, liver, stomach, and colon and assists in autophagy (a natural process that cleans out unwanted or injured components of cell) recovery. (10) We look forward to having a talk about how the aging process and other inflammatory issues may be affecting you and if ginseng may be beneficial in your nutrition plan.

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