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February 2023 Healthy News from Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers Spinal Canal Area Englargement and Back Pain Reduction with Chiropractic Care

image of a tight spinal canal area


Do you have back pain? Spinal stenosis? Degenerative disc disease? Do you know what they have in common (besides pain)? Decreased spinal canal area. With disc degeneration, the disc reduces, leading to a reduced spinal canal area. With spinal stenosis, a(n) disc bulge, herniated disc, osteophyte, discal cyst, synovial cyst, spinal cyst diminishes the the area of the spinal cancal. A recently published paper explained how chiropractic flexion distraction treatment, namely Cox® Technic spinal manipulation and mobilization, increased the spinal canal area and produced vertebral motions. The new study just published in January 2023 stated that chiropractic flexion distraction improved spinal area, height, and width due to increased nerve foraminal area. (1)

chart of changes

Such spinal alterations set the scene for involved spinal elements like spinal nerves to ‘breathe’ leading to eventual (though sometimes quicker or even immediate for some patients) back pain relief. Outcomes and supporting research like this are the forces behind our use of gentle, safe chiropractic treatment approaches like Cox® Technic that has research explaining its biomechanical effects on the spine. Bring your stenotic spine and/or degenerated disc to Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers for a pain-relieving treatment plan!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Ram Gudavalli, the main research investigator in Cox® Technic research projects, on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the research behind The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

picture of Baton Rouge chiropractic flexion exercise (knee to chest)
TIP OF THE MONTH: Exercise to Open Lumbar Spinal Canal Area

Back pain sufferers are often advised to perform exercise that strengthen spinal, gluteal, and core muscles as a way to round out their in-office chiropractic care. Classic lumbar flexion (Williams) exercises have been standard since the 1930s as they control lumbar extension while enhancing lumbar flexion with high levels of research evidence (III and IV) support. A common exercise series would have a patient lie on the floor, hands at the side, knees bent, then simply tighten ab and gluteal muscles while flattening the spine against the floor. The following exercise would be a knee-chest motion (pulling one knee to chest then the other knee then both knees to chest) exercise. (2) There are more such exercises in the series, but we’d be thrilled for our new Baton Rouge back pain patients to begin with these easy exercises on day 1 (after we go through a complete examinations and set a treatment plan, of course). Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers looks forward to talking soon about you and your spinal stenotic, disc degenerative spine and any exercises that may help!

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Have a wonderful February! We look forward to seeing you and your spine this month!