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Baton Rouge Kids Benefit from Chiropractic & Nutritional Care

June 13, 2017

Kids and nutrition. Baton Rouge kids don’t think about it. Baton Rouge parents don’t always think about it. But Baton Rouge nutrition is critical in Baton Rouge kids’ spinal development and growth and Baton Rouge chiropractic care. Good nutrition also fosters good spine and bone development which your Baton Rouge chiropractor thinks about! Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers shares nutrition whenever the opportunity arises. A good Baton Rouge nutritional foundation as a youth potentially contributes to a healthier spinal life.


So what keeps Baton Rouge young people and their Baton Rouge parents from thinking about their nutritional status? Likely the same things that hold young adults back - belief their diet is correct, no symptomatology, and confusion over nutrient sources. (1) Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers knows that a life experience draws attention.


When do young people consider their nutritional status? At the same time it would garner the attention of an adult - when there is pain. Amazingly, 71% of schoolchildren aged 12-17 years say that they had at least one episode of low back pain. (2) 17.4% of students recount cervical spine pain. 18% tell of low back pain. Older adolescents (24.4%) are affected more by cervical spine pain than younger ones (11.9%). Older adolescents (25.1%) feel more lumbar spine pain than younger ones (12.4%), too. (3) More girls than boys report back pain. (4) As researchers describe, Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers notes that Baton Rouge kids with spine pain share some risk factors for Baton Rouge back pain and neck pain.


What puts kids at risk of spine pain? Lots of factors like limited sun exposure, inadequate vitamin d diets, adiposity, lower physical activity, sedentary lifestyles, vitamin 25 (oh) d deficiency, and lower levels of calcium, creatine kinase, and lactic dehydrogenase. (2) Inactive adolescents have more cervical and lumbar spine pain than active kids. (3) In an 8-month study period, 52.2% of schoolchildren had low back pain. 34% had moderate and 18% had severe back pain. More girls (36%) than boys (24%) report back pain. These moderate and severe pain schoolchildren had higher body mass indices, waist, hip and waist-to-hip ratios. (2) Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers evaluates Baton Rouge back pain kids and adults to examine for risks and set a treatment plan to prevent them from turning out to be painful realities.


What is a parent to do? Care for the kids and their Baton Rouge spines. Check with your Baton Rouge chiropractic physician. Set a treatment plan that inspires them to be more active, eat more healthily, take supplements as necessary, and be treated with spinal manipulation. It helps!

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