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August 14, 2012

picture of a desktop computerDo Baton Rouge office employees get neck pain? You bet they do! Just like Baton Rouge small business owners and apprentices and advisers and receptionists and executive assistants and content writers for websites! Even the family bookkeeper and chief bill payer experiences neck pain! Why? We all - well, most of us - work over computers and at desks and in chairs that aren't very neck friendly. Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers soothes neck pain and has information for how to counter it as well.

Now we don't want to criticize just the desktop computers; the laptop computers are not helpful for our necks (and wrists!) either. A current study on notebook computer usage found that a 12 degree incline under a notebook resting on a desk sharpened neck and head postures while hardly heightening wrist extension which shows to be acceptable. (1) Nice bit of info ...

So what should we do about all this neck pain suffered by Baton Rouge computer users?

A review study currently propose muscle strengthening or endurance exercise to help neck pain and muscle endurance exercise for decreasing pain-related disability. (2) What are these?

chiropractic and exercise for neck pain relief.Muscle strengthening includes improving the quantity of force you can exert against resistance. Push-ups and working with free weights are instances. For the neck muscles, working with a neck exerciser or against your own hand resistance produces results.

Muscle endurance exercise builds muscle over time with more repetitions and such to get the muscles to work longer.

While Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers is thankful for the advice, our Baton Rouge chiropractor will likely merge chiropractic spinal manipulation with exercise (and maybe throw in a few hints for a more ergonomically friendly workspace!) for your Baton Rouge neck pain relief, best clinical outcome, and future neck pain prevention. Our Cox Technic system tells us to expect for relief of at least 50% in 30 days. So many of our Baton Rouge neck pain patients report relief in just a visit or two while some take a little longer. But our 50% Rule sets your expectation and guides our chiropractic treatment plan for your relief.

So make your chiropractic appointment today. Contact Medical Spine and Sports Injury and Rehab Centers for a full examination, diagnosis and gentle, safe neck pain treatment and relief.